Benz Mining Announces Drill Rig Secured for Upcoming Lithium Drill Program

Drill rig secured for drill testing lithium pegmatite outcrops at its Ruby Hill West Lithium project in James Bay, Quebec
Program consists of approximately 4,000m targeting RHW-1 and RHW-2 and newly discovered M-1 and M-2 lithium pegmatite intrusions with a series of approximately 150m deep holes to verify lateral and depth extent of each system
Previous drilling by Benz at RHW-2 intersected 26.4m at 1.01% Li2O from 7.4m including 3.7m at 2.7% Li2O in 2022
Rock chips at M-1 are up to 5% Li2O at surface
Drill rig to arrive at site around 11 September with drilling to commence shortly thereafter
Toronto, Ontario--(September 7, 2023) - Benz Mining Corp. (TSXV: BZ) (ASX: BNZ) (the Company or Benz) is pleased to announce that it has secured a single diamond helicopter supported drill rig to test spodumene bearing pegmatites at its Ruby Hill West Project in James Bay, Quebec.
Benz intends to undertake approximately 4,000m of drilling prior to the onset of winter, expected in late October or early November, which makes helicopter flying difficult due to weather conditions and less daylight time.
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Third Spodumene Bearing Pegmatite Outcrop Discovery Along 25km Trend

New outcropping spodumene bearing pegmatite discovered 2km west of Mikisiw pegmatite which sampled up to 5% Li2O from outcrop
The new discovery (M-2) is on the 25km LCT trend in the Ruby Hill West Project
M-2 is approximately 400m from a historical drill hole drilled in the 90s that intersected 30m of pegmatite (unassayed for lithium)
Benz's 25km lithium trend predominantly undercover so further mapping and sampling required to discover potential additional pegmatites along the trend
Exploration program on the Li-pegmatite trend will resume in early September
Toronto, Ontario--(August 28, 2023) - Benz Mining Corp. (TSXV: BZ) (ASX: BNZ) (the Company or Benz) is pleased to report the discovery of a new area of outcropping spodumene bearing pegmatites discovered along the 25km lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatite trend at Ruby Hill West in Quebec, Canada.
The new discovery, M-2, is located approximately 2km west of the recently announced Mikisiw discovery1 which returned samples of up to 5% Li2O at outcrop. The M-2 pegmatite outcrop is located 400m from a historical diamond drill hole (DDH 90-EM-003) drilled by Kingswood Explorations 1985 Limited in 1990 that intersected 30m of muscovite- bearing pegmatite from 140.5m - 171.7m depth and was not assayed for lithium.
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New High-Grade LCT Pegmatite Discovered at Ruby Hill West, James Bay, Canada

New outcropping spodumene bearing LCT pegmatite discovered at Ruby Hill West
Grab samples from outcrops and blocks return high grade results including 5.57%, 3.66%, 3.13%, 1.50%, 1.39% and 1.26% Li2O
The Mikisiw LCT pegmatite is approximately 25km north-east from Benz's maiden lithium discovery at Ruby Hill West where drilling in 2022 intersected 26m at 1% Li2O
Potential 25+km trend is unexplored for lithium
Work programs to focus on Mikisiw and the broader lithium trend with a view to drilling in the next few months
Toronto, Ontario--(August 3, 2023) - Benz Mining Corp. (TSXV: BZ) (ASX: BNZ) (the Company or Benz) is pleased to report the identification of a possible new lithium mineralised trend of over 25km on the Ruby Hill West in Quebec, Canada.
Mapping and prospection work in late May discovered the new Mikisiw area of outcrops and blocks of spodumene bearing LCT (lithium-cesium-tantalum) pegmatite.
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Patriot Drills 122.6 m at 1.89% Li₂O, including 8.1 m at 5.01% Li₂O, and Extends High-Grade Nova Zone, at the CV5 Pegmatite, Corvette Property, Quebec, Canada

Additional high-grade Zone discovered, marking interpreted western extension of the Nova Zone – drill holes CV23-130, 132, 134, and 138:
122.6 m at 1.89% Li2O (126.0 m to 248.5 m), including 8.1 m at 5.01% Li2O (CV23-138).
130.3 m at 1.56% Li2O (164.0 m to 294.3 m), including 52.7 m at 2.45% Li2O (CV23-132).
101.3 m at 1.44% Li2O (123.3 m to 224.6 m), including 28.1 m at 3.00% Li2O (CV23-134).
101.2 m at 1.08% Li2O (145.5 m to 246.7 m), including 10.1 m at 2.42% Li2O and 4.0 m at 4.13% Li2O (CV23-130).
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GMG Announces Battery Joint Development Agreement with Rio Tinto

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia--(May 17, 2023) - Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. (TSXV: GMG) ("GMG" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that GMG and Rio Tinto have signed a binding Joint Development Agreement ("JDA") with the goal of accelerating the development and application of GMG's Graphene Aluminium-Ion batteries in the mining and minerals industry. Rio Tinto will contribute technical and operational performance criteria and A$6 million, in exchange for preferential access rights.
Rio Tinto has put the net zero transition at the heart of its business strategy: combining investments in commodities that enable the energy transition with actions to decarbonise their operations and value chains. The JDA seeks to support the accelerated development of GMG's Graphene Aluminium-Ion Batteries for use in heavy mobile equipment and grid energy storage applications in the mining and mineral industry.
The JDA builds on the existing collaboration for Rio Tinto to explore the use of GMG's Energy Saving and Energy Storage solutions (see Company announcement on 18 May 2022). This JDA is effective immediately and is expected to last 2 years with payments spread over the term of the agreement. The JDA aims to co-develop GMG's Graphene Aluminium-Ion battery pouch cell into an initial battery pack/module proof of concept.
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