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Adax chosen for its proven product quality, reliability and support

Reading, UK, 5 April 2004: Adax has announced that its ACT4-PCI board is being used by Turkish vendor Oksijen as part of its Welcome Roaming Message System (WRMS) for wireless networks. The high density communications controller provides a high performance, cost-effective interface for the WRMS which automatically sends configurable SMS welcome messages to international roamers on the network. This encourages users to stay on the network and use the available services, therefore generating more revenue. Adax was chosen for its proven product quality, reliability and technical/customer support which enabled the application to be developed quickly and easily. The ACT4-PCI board is a high density channelised four port card that provides up to 128 individual HDLC links. An 8 port cPCI version is also available with 256 links. It is specifically designed for Base Station Control, Billing Mediation and traffic monitoring applications and can handle multiple protocols including X.25, Frame Relay, LAPB, LAPD, HDLC and LAPV5. In the Oksijen WRMS the ACT board provides the interface to the network, allowing the user’s caller ID to be passed to the WRMS application. The system takes advantage of the time stamping and FISU (Fill in Signal Unit) filtering capabilities that the board offers to provide the specific data that the application needs.

The WRMS can identify incoming roaming subscribers and their home network, send them a customised SMS based on their home network, what time it is, etc., and also identify outgoing roamers and send them another SMS. The SMS can be a welcome message that either simply informs the roamer of the network they are using or promotes the roaming services available and how to use them. This helps prevent roamers from switching to a competitors’ network and encourages them to use the available services more often.

“We needed a reliable product with a proven track-record to implement our Welcome Roaming Message System onto the network,” said Ergun Seray, Sales and Marketing Manager at Oksijen. “The Adax controller provided this together with product support and comprehensive documentation that enabled us to develop the system quickly and easily.”

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About Adax Europe Ltd.
Adax is the industry leader in signalling infrastructure for next generation networks. It provides high performance end-to-end signalling solutions across SS7, IP and ATM networks. Adax has an extensive product set which includes signalling communications controllers and protocol software; integrated signalling protocol stack solutions with partners; and complete signalling gateways. The company's products are standards-based, flexible and portable to meet diverse customer requirements and provide interoperability. This enables OEMs and integrators to deploy their signalling application, node or system as quickly and efficiently as possible irrespective of the underlying network interface or architecture.

Adax provides signalling solutions for the world's leading communications companies, including Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Hughes Software Systems and CCPU. Typical application areas include Signalling, Voice over IP (VoIP), Media Gateways; Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) and Serving GPRS Support Nodes (SGSN) nodes for GPRS and 3G; Intelligent Networks; Base Station Control; Billing Mediation.

About Oksijen
Oksijen provides new generation telecommunication and mobile internet solutions for network operators and service providers. Oksijen’s open and future-proof solutions enable its customers to utilise advanced technologies and offer innovative and money generating services ahead of its competitors in their market. With its background and expertise in the telecommunication industry and with a number of leading-edge products used by operators and service providers in different regions, Oksijen plays a significant role in the current and new generation telecommunication arena.

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