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A long time friend and associate of mine who I have known for many years has brought to my attention a real estate opportunity his company is working on. It is RRSP eligible and there is also a way to utilize the new Tax Free Savings Account also. On my last discussion with him, he told me 75% of the funds have been raised, not much room left.

The Opportunity:

Located on the outskirts of the Calgary City Limits this land development project represents an opportunity to profit from the development rich Calgary Northern region. The Structure Plan incorporates 152 acres of land which includes a master planned community with commercial, residential, existing town owned land and the Town's Community School. The investible property is anticipated to become some of the most desirable land in the Town. The land is situated at close proximity to the town center and a neighbouring 18 hole golf course. The anticipated investment term ranges from 3 to 5 years. Investments are secured against the value of the land which has been assessed 40% higher than the purchase price.

Property Highlights

·         125 acres of mixed use development property
·         Neighbouring 18 hole golf course
·         Commercial land to have frontage on 2 hiways
·         Adjacent to the town's Community School
·         462 large single family lots
·         Over 10 acres of prime commercial land

Economic Drivers

·         Calgary Ring Road to decrease travel times and shorten “time-distance” for commuters
·         Massive industrial park in NE Calgary consisting of 10 new developments set to create over 30,000 jobs
·         The Town's commuter bus to take citizens to and from Calgary downtown core
·         Largest population increase in town history with a 17.8% increase from 2001-2006

Investment Highlights

·         Projected rate of return over 19% annually
·         Cash & RSP eligible
·         Profit sharing 60/40 split favouring investors
·         Entirely secured by mortgage against the land

Risk & Disclosure

This is one of many Real Estate Opportunities this group has to offer in the rapidly growing province of Alberta. has not been paid for this advertisement but may be paid a commission in the future based on interest generated from this article. Real Estate, as in any investment, carries a certain degree of risk.

If you are interested in Real Estate opportunities in and around Calgary, Alberta and would like to talk/email a representative please [ CLICK HERE ] to leave us your name, and full contact details so we can send you the details about the project.

Eric Beauchesne, Canwest News Service  Published: Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OTTAWA -- The Conservative government will inject $40-billion in new spending and tax cuts into the economy over the coming two fiscal years to cushion individuals and business against the deepening recession and set the stage for a modest recovery in 2010, according to the budget presented Tuesday.

"Since last fall, the global economic situation has deteriorated further, and faster, than anyone predicted," Finance Minister Jim Flaherty noted at the start of his budget speech, adding that in his pre-budget consultations there was a "remarkable degree of consensus" on what needs to be done.


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Keegan Reports Excellent Results From Drilling to North of Esaase Gold Resource

Keegan Resources Inc. (\"Keegan\") (TSX VENTURE: KGN)(AMEX: KGN) is pleased to announce results from step out drilling to the north of the 43-101 resource at the Esaase property. The results continue to indicate continuous gold mineralization in the close spaced, 40 x 40 meter drilling designed for resource expansion, which now extends 500 meters north from the north boundary of the previously released 43-101 resource. Some of the new significant intercepts from these close spaced holes include 10 meters of 11.47 g/t Au in drill hole 431, 35 meters of 1.75 g/t Au in drill hole 428 and 18 meters of 3.8 g/t Au in drill hole 409. Perhaps even more significantly, recent intercepts received from reconnaissance drill holes indicate continued high grade gold mineralization even farther to the north. Drill hole 443 hit 11 meters of 4.24 g/t Au over 1.1 km north of the existing 43-101 resource area; several other reconnaissance holes in the area hit significant intercepts as well (please see table 1).
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