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Auryn Resources confirms age of Sombero intrusives

Mr. Ivan Bebek reports
Auryn Resources Inc. has identified the age of the intrusives directly associated with mineralization at the Sombero copper-gold skarn project in Peru. Based on results from five uranium-lead samples obtained from diorite sills at the Ccascabamba and Nioc targets, ages range from 38.85 million to 40.47 million years. This places the mineralization within the same Eocene-aged metallogenic event that produced several world-class deposits in the Andahuaylas-Yauri belt, such as Las Bambas. It also establishes that the belt extends over 100 kilometres to the west, where the Sombrero project is located.
A message from Michael Henrichsen, chief operating officer and chief geologist:

"The age dating results represent a very significant development in our exploration model and further support the potential for the discovery of world-class deposits. We are very fortunate to have been first movers on the Sombrero district, consolidating over 130,000 hectares and to now have determined the world-class Andahuaylas-Yauri belt extends to include Auryn's property."

The attached table compares ages of mineralizing intrusives from Sombrero to select major deposits to the east in the Andahuaylas-Yauri belt.


                              Age dates Sombrero                                 Age dates Andahuaylas-Yauri belt K-Ar
Sample ref No.                     district U-Pb                                              (Perello et al, 2003 (i))

A                    40.41 plus or minus 0.32 Ma
B                    40.47 plus or minus 0.26 Ma
C                    39.19 plus or minus 0.32 Ma
D                    38.85 plus or minus 0.32 Ma
E                                No zircon found
F                    39.58 plus or minus 0.26 Ma
G                                No zircon found
H                                                                                           40.3 plus or minus 1.0 Ma
I                                                                                           35.7 plus or minus 0.9 Ma
J                                                                                           31.6 plus or minus 0.8 Ma
K                                                                                           43.2 plus or minus 1.1 Ma
L                                                                                           39.8 plus or minus 1.5 Ma
M                                                                                           34.2 plus or minus 0.9 Ma
N                                                                                           39.7 plus or minus 1.9 Ma
O                                                                                           35.8 plus or minus 0.9 Ma
P                                                                                           37.9 plus or minus 1.4 Ma


Michael Henrichsen (chief operating officer), PGeo, is the qualified person who assumes responsibility for the technical contents of this press release.

About Auryn Resources Inc.

Auryn Resources is a technically driven junior exploration company focused on finding and advancing globally significant precious and base metal deposits. The company has a portfolio approach to asset acquisition and has seven projects, including two flagships: the Committee Bay high-grade gold project in Nunavut and the Sombrero copper-gold project in southern Peru. Auryn's technical and management teams have an impressive record of successfully monetizing assets for all stakeholders and local communities in which it operates. Auryn conducts itself to the highest standards of corporate governance and sustainability.

About Sombrero

This project consists of the North Sombrero and South Sombrero properties, comprising over 120,000 mineral claims owned or optioned by Auryn Resources. The copper-gold Sombrero mining concessions are located 340 kilometres southeast of Lima in southern Peru and are hosted in the Andahuaylas-Yauri belt. This belt is interpreted to be on the northwestern margins of this Eocene-Oligocene-aged copper-gold porphyry and skarn belt that hosts the Las Bambas, Haquira, Los Chancas, Cotambambas, Constancia, Antapaccay and Tintaya deposits. The project is characterized by a strong structural control and significant copper and gold values from historical surface samples. The principal targets at Sombrero are copper-gold skarn and porphyry systems and precious metal epithermal deposits.

Sombrero age dating, 2019

A total of seven samples of magmatic rocks were collected for uranium-lead zircon geochronology analysis. From those, two samples (referred to as A and B) were sent to Geolab SHRIMP IIe, Institute of Geochemistry -- University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. They were analyzed through the sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe IIe method, or SHRIMP. The other five samples (C, D, E, F, and G) were sent to CODES Analytical Laboratory, University of Tasmania, Australia, where it was found that only three contained zircon. Those three samples were then analysed with an ASI RESOLution S-155 ablation system with a Coherent Compex Pro 110 Ar-F excimer laser.

(1) Porphyry-Style Alteration and Mineralization of the Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene Andahuaylas-Yauri Belt, Cuzco Region, Peru, Economic Geology, Vol. 98, 2003. Pg 1575-1605.

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