The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Welcome to the Traders Podcast! Today Rob brings you a very timely e-mail containing a listener question about The Booker Report. While Rob concedes to Martin that it is quite bold to advertise that subscribing to the Booker Report will change your life, it is something that he stands by. He also shares some free advice that will change your life. Start writing down affirmations. He doesn’t know how they work, but he knows they have been realized for him. Also, lower your trade size so that you never go to sleep worried about a trade in 2016. These seemingly small things are in fact going to be the way you can change your life for the better this year. Thanks for listening!

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The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Good morning Traders Podcast listeners! It’s Monday. Welcome back to the show. We hope you had a Merry Christmas and we also hope that you are not trading this time of year. Rob shares a harrowing tale of what can happen if you do trade this time of year. It’s not pretty. Also, Rob reads a text message from a dear listener whom we will call “E.” This trader is learning the ropes. He’s learning to temper is hunger to trade with his patience. There are a few truly helpful points to “E’s” story that you really should hear. Rob’s insights about these red flags are words of caution to all of us. Thanks for listening!

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Aaron Fifield interviews: Jon Boorman

This week we’re at episode 43 and my guest is Jon Boorman (of Alpha Capture).

Jon has been immersed in the world of trading for over 30 years now, and has spent the majority of this time in the institutional space – he’s been on the buy-side, sell-side, run a trading desk, assistant to a portfolio manager, and has also been a prop trader. But now days Jon trades independently and does also manages assets for others.

His approach to trading is best described as a long-only trend following strategy, which we discuss extensively during this episode. Some of the topics we hit on include; why the simplicity of trend following can be both, a gift and a curse, why Jon trades the long-side only and how this affects him in a full fledged bear market.

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Aaron Fifield interviews: Michele Koenig

Let me introduce you to my guest for episode 44 – Michele Koenig of Trade on the Fly, from Montana (very top of the United States).

Michele is primarily a swing trader of technical chart patterns, but also takes an occasional intraday position when she spots an opportunity.

During our discussion we spoke about a whole range of really interesting topics. To start with we covered Michele’s first few years when starting out, where she had some early success, then shortly after, lost almost everything – we spoke about how this happened, how she was affected, and how she bounced back.

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Aaron Fifield interviews: Bert Mouler

What you’re about to hear is an interview with Bert Mouler – he’s a trader of futures and equities, and has been involved with markets since ’07. But he does things a little different to most…

He’s an algorithmic trader who harnesses the power of machine learning to discover and develop profitable trading strategies. This is an area that hasn’t been covered in previous episodes, (except for the odd mention here and there) so it was really great to have Bert on the show to share some insight on machine learning and how it works in the field of trading.

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