EP 069: How an aggressive trader thinks, uses options, and made $1.4M on a single TSLA trade – @JohnFCarter For this episode, we have our very first guest from Sweden—big shout out to Sweden!

Welcome back for another installment of the Chat With Traders podcast. I’ve got an awesome guest lined up for you, John Carter, from Austin Texas.
In short; John is an options trader (and also futures, to a slightly lesser extent), he’s been trading for around about 25 years now. His typical holding time for any given trade is just a couple days, and he classifies himself as an aggressive trader – which I think you’ll pick up on pretty quickly.
In this interview, you’ll hear I ask John about the multiple boom ‘n bust cycles he endured over the space of about 8 years before gaining real consistency. I also ask, is a high risk tolerance essential for becoming a successful trader?

Trader Radio with Rob Booker

Do you know Tom Sosnoff?
He's the founder of Think or Swim, which he sold to TD Ameritrade for $600 million.
He was a floor trader for 20 years at the CBOE.
He's no dummy.
But wow, he has some crazy opinions. And because he's rich, and because he's famous, a lot of people will believe him.
(He's also running a web-tv show called TastyTrade.com for options traders)
Recently he said that no quant model, or trading system for forex, futures, or stocks, would ever be able to "beat the market."
This statement is not only unprovable, but it also calls into question if Tom's simply lost touch with reality. He's flat wrong.
I like Tom. Tom's smarter than I am. He's richer than I am. But on this, he's just wrong.

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EP 068: From “schoolyard hippie” to European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade (to AI enthusiast) – Mikael Syding

For this episode, we have our very first guest from Sweden—big shout out to Sweden!
I spoke with Mikael Syding; a value investor who spent 15 years in the hedge fund business, and in 2009, he was awarded European Hedge Fund Manger of the Decade before retiring shortly after.
During the interview, I ask Mikael to share his three greatest lessons for traders and investors, how he spotted growth opportunities, and I also ask him how his views on money have changed over the span of his career, plus a whole lot more…



Today I consider the question:
Is it easier to “take trading seriously” with a larger account?
The answer is:
If you can’t take a small account seriously, you’ll never take a larger account seriously. And you’ll probably lose it all.

EP 067: The Turtle Traders story, following major trends, and managing investors money w/ Jerry Parker

We have a very special guest on the podcast right now; Jerry Parker.
For those who don’t know, Jerry is one of the original widely-recognized, Turtle Traders. The Turtles were a small (somewhat secretive) group of traders who were mentored and trained by Richard Dennis, a big time commodities trader, in the 80’s.
It’s an interesting story and you’ll hear more about this in just a moment.
Today, Jerry remains the founder of Chesapeake Capital, which is a commodity trading advisor, and he has well ‘n truly stuck to his roots as a die-hard trend follower.
We discuss all the above at length, plus I also had a few questions for Jerry around the subject of trading other people’s money–which is something you may not have considered before. And on the other side, some of the questions you should ask a CTA (or money manager) before investing.


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