The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Good morning and welcome to the Traders Podcast! Your host Rob Booker is so glad you’re here. Today on Episode 517 Rob talks about late-night texting with listeners who have questions about how to become a trader. Rob explains how to fit trading into your life, no matter where you are right now. He uses the example of a barkeep who starts trading by keeping it safe and keeping it fun. It doesn’t require a complicated plan, but it does require sticking to the rules and staying focused on your trading goal. Thanks for listening everybody!

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The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Good morning and welcome to the Traders Podcast! It’s Monday today and on Episode 516 Rob is here to answer a text from Alberto. Over the course of over 500 podcast episodes Rob has consistently preached the merits of having a small trade size, but just to be perfectly clear, he’d like to explain what that means and why it’s important. Thanks for listening everybody!

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Aaron Fifield interviews: Hans Dederle

This week I interviewed Hans Dederle, the founder and president of Honza Financial – an options trading asset management firm (located in Florida).

Hans originally started out as an accountant, before becoming a stock broker, following that he began to trade independently and now, trades other peoples money as well.

He’s been doing this for just over 8 years now, and one of the things I really liked that come about during our discussion, was how Hans has a laser focus on quality over quantity. As a day trader he averages between 1-3 trades per day, which he’s usually in and out of within the first couple hours of each session.

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The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Welcome to the Traders Podcast! Today on Episode 515, your host Rob Booker is very soberly but resolutely ringing in the new year. Rob is pondering where our true treasure lies. He wants to help as many traders as possible succeed in trading, but he recognizes that that success will be very lonely if we aren’t improving personally as well. Perhaps he will set Dark Rob aside this year and concentrate on being the most positive and best version of himself. Thanks to Emily from the TFL365 chatroom for encouraging “E.” Thanks for listening everybody! Here’s to a great year of trading in 2016!

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Aaron Fifield interviews: Jack Litle

My guest on the podcast this week is Jack Litle of

Jack is a global macro trader who originally started out as an international commodity broker – today, he now has more than 17 years of market experience and is a very competitive trader. He’s also a keen poker player, and believes there are many crossovers between poker and trading (which of course, makes for some interesting conversation during this episode).

Also during this episode, we speak about how Jack thinks of trading in terms of probabilistic outcomes, instead of attempting to ‘predict’ the future – we spend quite some time on this subject, and I myself found his views on this particularly interesting.

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