The Booker Report with Rob Booker

What happens when you reduce your trade size? Is trading options too dangerous for most investors? Why do some people have more success in trading when they just start out, but then everything falls apart?

Today's episode is the first that aired on business talk radio in the United States.

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Aaron Fifield interviews: @HaimBodek

There’s a very special guest on the podcast this week, who I’m excited to introduce…

His name is Haim Bodek, although some refer to him as ‘The Algo Arms Dealer’ (and I totally understand why).

Haim began his trading career at Hull Trading, a prestigious firm well known for driving forward innovation in the domain of automated trading. Following Hull, Haim then went into significant roles at Goldman Sachs, and UBS – which are all discussed during the interview.

But to further set the scene, in 2007 Haim founded Trading Machines, a high frequency trading operation. At the peak, Trading Machines accounted for 0.5% of all options trading volume, with a team of 25 (one of who, was Bryan Wiener of EP 040).

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The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Welcome to the Traders Podcast everyone! Your host Rob Booker reads aloud a listener text message today from Brad. Thanks for writing in! Oil is dropping right now and Brad wants to know if that makes airlines a good buy. Rob looks at some charts for various airlines and talks to us about what to look for.

If you’ve been listening to anything Rob has been saying for the past several years you’ll have picked up on the advice to stick to a smaller trade size. Brad has been paying attention and his next question is about how to add to a winning trade. Rob gets technical so that he can make sure traders know the right timing and ratio for that next step. Thanks for listening today traders!

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Aaron Fifield interviews: Linda Raschke

This week on the show I interviewed Linda Raschke – an active trader since 1981, when she started out on the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange as an options market maker.

In 1992, Jack Schwager interviewed Linda for his second installment of the Market Wizard series; The New Market Wizards.

Since then, Linda has traded for several hedge funds, and in 2002 she began one of her own – which has been ranked 17th out of 4,500 hedge funds for ‘Best 5 Year Performance’ by BarclaysHedge.

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The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker

Good morning Traders Podcast listeners! Your host is Rob Booker and today in Episode 532 he finishes answering the question brought up in Episode 529 where he taught us to learn how to lose. How do you pick a trading system? If you would like some direction to pick a methodology Rob gives some more great book recommendations. He also recommends doing some research on Investopedia and to start with the 4 hour charts. Thanks for listening today traders!

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