EP 177: Leaving Wall Street, Entering Crypto Chaos w/ Sam Bankman-Fried

This episode features Sam Bankman-Fried, who’s trading skill originated from 3-years at Jane Street—a proprietary trading firm renown for being one of the world’s largest ETF liquidity providers.

In late-2017, Sam relocated to Hong Kong and began his foray into the cryptocurrency market when he co-founded Alameda Research. Alameda trade a range of quantitative strategies—such as statistical arbitrage and market making—which are mostly automated, but with a layer of human intervention.

EP 176: Can the family breadwinner become a full-time trader? — Alex, @TAGRtrades 

This episode takes on a slightly different format to normal. Essentially, it’s a response to an email that I received from a listener…

The email comes from a gentleman who’s 38 years old with a full-time job, his wife is currently studying and he has three kids. He also has the goal to transition out of his current career into full-time trading, though he has a family who are dependent on his income. And that’s the part he has questions about.

Therefore, I asked Alex (@TAGRtrades) if he’d be willing to join me on this episode and share his thoughts on the matter. Alex is a full-time day trader, who has developed skill for trading long side momentum in U.S. equities. He’s also appeared previously on episodes 119 and 157.

Insight from the CEO of Publicly Traded Jewelry Company (OTCQB: $RGNP)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA- April 25 , 2017 – Investorideas.com, a global news source and investor resource covering actively traded sectors including luxury brand stocks and luxury brand jewelry companies, releases a new podcast interview featuring Joseph (Yossi) Segelman, CEO, President, Director of  Reign Corporation(OTCQB: RGNP).   
Yossi talks about the news on the company’s name to Reign Corporation to reflect its new business direction and their three custom Jewelry brands.
He also talks about their marketing both online and brick and mortar and how technology and how social media play a key role.
Read more: Investor Ideas Podcast Corner

EP 175: Investigating and exposing the crafty schemes of public companies w/ Jonathan Shapiro

Jonathan Shapiro’s a senior reporter at the Australian Financial Review. While he writes about a range of subjects from banking to hedge funds to private equity, he’s renown for stories that uncover dishonesty and the crafty schemes of listed companies—for which, he’s won several awards.

Our conversation begins with Jonathan telling the story of Blue Sky Alternative, a fund manager that came unstuck following the release of a short sellers research report. From there, we roll into a very detailed discussion about about Jonathan’s investigative work on Big Un.

EP 070: Specializing, automating, and using stats for high probability trade setups w/ Jeff Davis

Jeff is a day trader who specializes in the S&P futures, and predominately trades a mean-reversion strategy which is built upon data and statistical probabilities.
Across his 20+ year trading career, Jeff has also been heavily involved in the process of developing and deploying algorithmic strategies—but slightly less these days.
In this interview we talk about Jeff’s prop days, risks of being a one-man-business, automated trading, specializing, statistics, and more.

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